Carburetors & Fuel Supply

Forte Moto Power 1 is a complex blend of specially selected cleaning agents which act together to dissolve deposits that are formed in fuel systems which restrict the efficient delivery of fuel to the combustion chambers.

Forte Moto Power 1 is compatible with all fuel system and engine components, including Lambda sensors and Catalytic converters.

Forte Moto Power 2has been specifically formulated to combat drivability concerns caused by contamination and the adverse effects of fuel degradation

Forte Moto Power 2 cleans and lubricates the entire fuel system, both pre and post- combustion. The treatment is completely safe with all fuel system components including catalytic convertors and Oxygen sensors

Replacement Carb Diaphragms Slides (four)
Orig.: £370.00
Sale: £154.00
NEW Yamaha Carb Diaphragm OE type
Orig.: £145.06
Sale: £63.99
Carb Float Needle Kit
Orig.: £50.93
Sale: £14.00
Fuel Pump (Electrical) OE type
Orig.: £145.00
Sale: £78.00
Fuel Pipe (braided) all models
Orig.: £10.00
Sale: £7.99
Yamaha Fuel Cap
Choke Cable FJ1200 inc knob
Orig.: £34.99
Sale: £31.99
Choke Cable FJ1100
Orig.: £11.99
Sale: £9.99
3XW 91-95 Throttle Cable complete (pair)
Orig.: £49.99
Sale: £25.13
Inlet Manifolds (head to carbs) 4 off
Orig.: £159.00
Sale: £119.00
Fuel Stabilizer 125ml
Orig.: £5.99
Sale: £4.49
Broquet Fuel Stabiliser (NEW lower PRICE)
Orig.: £32.00
Sale: £27.99
Broquet Fuel Catalyst
Orig.: £80.00
Sale: £72.00
Wurth Fuelcure
Orig.: £23.99
Sale: £22.95

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