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FZR 17" Rear Wheel Conversion kit
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FZR 17" Rear Wheel Conversion kit 6 kg

The modiefied Sprocket Carrier,and Rear Brake Caliper Bracket is done on YOUR ITEMS.

So please supply items after ordering. I will arrange machining work and return them with the other items to make a FULL kit.

It was done on an exchange system but had problem items being returned

A very good mod is to fit a modern 17" wheel to replace the FJ 80's 16" item *. The most common choice is the Yamaha FZR1000 ExUp from 89. Being a Yamaha wheel it has common items that share with the FJ, this being the rear disc fits straight one and so does the Sprocket carrier, plus they both use a 20mm wheel spindle.

This kit contains the following;

Modified Rear Sprocket Carrier. inc s/s bolts

New Rear Sprocket (please select size)

New rear wheel bearing in carrier.

Two spacers for the sprocket side and the brake torque arm side.

Modified (machined) FJ Rear Brake Caliper Bracket.


This kit is complete and the only item you need is a ExUp rear wheel. The kit come complete with fitting instructions only basic mechanial skills needed.

Please note that this mod will not allow perfect chain alignment (*) but is found to be within safe limits. for further details contact Doc on 01454 299325

* Another option is to fit a FZR 1000 Geneis 18" Rear Wheel. This iallows perfect chain alignment. It offer the same benefits as the 17" wheel conversion but less tyre choice.

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