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Silkolene Linkage RG2 Grease/Morris K99 Grease

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SilkoleneRG2/MorrisK99 Linkage  Grease;   600g

Silkolene RG2 and Morris K99 are waterproof greases  which were originally designed for the Marine industry which have to repel salt water. Use for FJR1300 linkages and for packing steering head bearings and general greasing duties. Product sent will be due to availability of product at time of orderingFull details;

RG2: An advanced, high melting point, racing grease, PRO RG2 is a multi-functional, high performance grease with exceptional heat resisting and water-proofing properties. PRO RG2 has outstanding water repellence, excellent corrosion inhibition properties and high resistance to water wash-off. The simple but effective dispensing follower plate in the 500g container makes application clean and easy while preventing product contamination. It is ideal for bearing and Linkage lubrication and conditions of water impact. PRO RG2 is designed to meet the stringent requirements of competition use, including off-road, and stays in place, even under high temperatures created in competition use. This high cling formula is ideal for protecting wheel bearings, universal joints, suspension linkages and seals under the most testing conditions. Use for wheel bearing, rose joint, marine applications and all general automotive greasing

K99: This grease has outstanding water ristant qualities and is designed to form a special seal at the water interface. This grade is a high quality Lead-free Calcium Hydroxide Stearate grease with special additives to provide extreme pressure properties, improve oxidation resistance and protect agaist rust and corrosion. Recommended for grease filled stem tubes operated in salt or fresh water also suitable for plain and anti-friction bearings operating in very wet conditions.

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