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Morris 20w50 Ring Free Engine oil  (Now Race V-Twin) 5ltrs

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Morris 20w50 Ring Free Engine oil 5ltrs;   5.5kg

Morris 20W/50 ringfree is an SJ rated multigrade oil with a high detergent capability to ensure excellent engine cleanliness. Yamaha recommend oil  of only a SE grade (or above) so Ringfree is a totally acceptable choice.

 An excellent oil for Summer use
The FJ engine can reached very high temperatures in summer use and especially for thoses who tour abroad, Ringfree offer excellent performance under these harsh conditions. ‘Highly recommended’

Notes:   Yamahas 4000 mile oil service interval is the maximum you should do and this is in perfect conditions.  Short journeys, extended motorway work and hot engine temperatures all should be taken into account and the interval for oil and filter changes reduced accordingly.  ie every 2,000 miles.

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