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Silkolene Fork oil SAE 20w

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Silkolene Fork oil SAE 20w;  1.1kg

Silkolene fork oil comes in different weights to suit the model of your FJ, or you may wish to stiffen the forks up by increasing the weight viscosity.

Warning; 20 weight is a very heavy oil for the FJ so please check you have good springs by measuring the forks Pre-Load.

To check Pre-Load; Put tie wrap around leg; sit on bike. push tie wrap to seal; place bike on centre stand; measure distance between seal and tie wrap, it should be 40mm. 50mm is poor spring and should consider its replacement. 60mm springs are U/S. recommend fitment of a pair of Progressive Springs. see 'Suspension' menu

Yamaha OE spec:

FJ1100;1TX & 3CV (84-90) has SAE10; 400cc each leg; air gap 170mm

FJ1200 3XW/ABS (91-95) has SAE10 ; 450cc each leg; air gap 170mm

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