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Oil and Lubricants > Morris Chain Oil (Scott Oil) 1 ltr
Morris Chain Oil (Scott Oil) 1 ltr

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Morris Croma 30 Chain Oil;   1kg

This is a special oil that is mainly used on 'chain saw' because of its long molecule gives a desirable non-fling property idea for chain lubrication. This makes it a perfect oil to lubricate directly to chains manually or simply through the excellent Scottoiler chain oiling system. This 1 litre bottle has twice the capacity of a normal Scotoil bottle (which has no anti-fling propertise) at a massive saving.

Note; In my personal opinion Scottoil uses cheap 'fork oil' in its bottles. If you apply Croma oil between your fingers and open them up you will notice that the oil becomes string like even though it's not sticky. Years ago this property was the same with the original Scottoil, this is no longer the case. The result is it make a mess by flinging it over the rear tyre, not a good idea im sure you would agree!

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