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Oil and Lubricants > Putoline DX4 semi-syn 10w40 4 ltrs
Putoline DX4 semi-syn 10w40 4 ltrs

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Prod. Code: PUTO-SEM1040

Putoline DX4 semi-syn 10w40 4 ltrs;   3.5kg

Putoline DX4 10w/40 oil is a high spec. semi synthetic oil. If you plan to leave your oil in for the full recommended maximum term of 4k miles then this offers better protection than base spec mineral oils.
 It is a proper semi-synthetic.  i.e. it is mixed in a 50/50 ratio with a mineral base not as some oils that are marketed as semi synthetic and hardly contain any synthetic oil at all!    Approved to JASO MA2,  the oil industries standard for Japanese engines.

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