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ACF50 Anti-Corrosion Spray

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 ACF50 Anti-Corrosion Spray    500g

This state of the art Anti-Corrosion lubricate was manufactured for the USA Air Force to protect their Aircraft and there avionic components when in storage, now is sold to consumers over the counter

Its design to Protect, Penetrate and Lubricate. Once applied it has a life of 2 years. The protective film it leaves is so strong that you will need a solvent cleaners to remove it. This is the Ultimate corrosion preventative product on the market. FS365 is a good product but has to be continually applied daily to be effective, this is a once a year application, preferable just before winter when our salt ridden roads attach our bikes even when washed down daily.

ACF (Anti-Corrosion Formula), is a state of the art, anti-corrosion lubricant compound that actively treats metal using advanced polar bonding technology. ACF-50's synthetic inhibitors and active chemistry penetrates through the oxide deposits to the base of the corrosion cell where it emulsifies, encapsulates, and then lifts the electrolyte away from the metal surface. ACF-50 then allows any moisture to evaporate while providing an atmospheric barrier that prevents further moisture contact. With the electrolyte removed the corrosion process is halted. It will then remain active and effective for 24 months. 


- Forms an "Active" ultra thin, clear film that kills exisiting
  corrosion cells, and will protect your bike against new 
  corrosion forming.
- "ACTIVE" which means it keeps on working - doesn't
  need reapplying after every wash.
- Contains no water, silicon, teflon or wax - No sticky
  build up!
- Safe for use on electronics.
- Chemically neutralizes road salt.
- Dries out moisture.
- Safe on all components; electronics, chorme, paint, and
- Use on heads, cooling fins, throttle linkages, brake
  cables, battery terminals, voltage regulator, suspension,
  engine components, torsion bars, fuel control units, fuse
  box, swingarm, relays & connetors, chain, ignition
  switch, security systems, FOBs and more!
- ACF-50 can be sprayed on, wiped on with a rag, or professionally fogged for complete protection.

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