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Tyres > Metzeler Lasertec 120/80V16 front IN STOCK
Metzeler Lasertec 120/80V16 front   IN STOCK

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Orig. Price: £119.00
Sale Price: £109.00
Availability: Metz Front tyre
Prod. Code: Metz-120-16

 Metzeler Lasertec 120/80V16 front crossply tyre for the FJ1100 and FJ1200 1TX 86-87 model. 16" wheel;    6kg

Metzeler tyres are without doubt the best tyres to fit to the FJ range. The front design is a copy of the old ME33 from the mid 1980's but now comes with the lastest sticky compounds.

The design is very simular to a racing 'Wet' tyre so is an excellent tyre in the wet conditions. Mileage is also very good ranging from 6,000 to 12,000 miles. This tyre can be matched to any rear tyre due to its 'Front' only design.

Note; Warning the FJ's have never been designed to run on Radials tyres, the slim 3" rims are designed for Crossply's. Yamaha has never tested them on the bike or has any tyre manufacture that seems to list a Radial option

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