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Tyres > Avon Road Rider 120/80V16 front; 48 hr delivery
Avon Road Rider 120/80V16 front;   48 hr delivery

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Orig. Price: £106.00
Sale Price: £80.99
Availability: Pirelli front tyre
Prod. Code: Avon 120-80-16

Avon Road Rider 120/80V16 front crossply tyre;  6kg

This is Avon crossply option for the FJ. These are cheapest tyre on the market and offer good all round performance.


Note; Warning the FJ's have never been designed to run on Radials tyres, the slim 3" rims are designed for Crossply's. Yamaha has never tested them on the bike or has any tyre manufacture that seems to list a Radial option

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