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Orig. Price: £299.50
Sale Price: £284.00
Prod. Code: s-h-shock

Hagon Rear Suspension Shock; Please confirm model on ordering.   weight 5kg

Hagon has produced to the Clubs spec these Heavy Duty units, they’re over engineered to take the abuse that only a heavily laden FJ can produce.
They come with stiffer springs than standard (pre-load preset to aid fitment), rebound damping adjustment for varying loads. 

Come with full fitting intructions.
Excellent value.


FJ1100 2  x remaining

1TX  2 x  remaining

3CV 1 x  remaining

3XW 2 x  remaining

New stock will be at Increased prices. Availability will include 2 week turnaround to build.


NOTES; To check if your suspension is serviceable or out of adjustment simply refer to text below.

To check rear shock you will need to measure the rear-end sag, This is done by measuring the distance between the rear axle and a specific spot on the tail section without the rider on board. It is important that the suspension is completely extended. This means you must lift the FJ onto its centre stand because the weight of the bike itself creates some sag in the suspension. After taking that measurement, take another using the same two reference points, only this time with the rider on the bike. The difference between the two measurements is the amount of sag in the suspension travel. Usually
the ideal amount of sag in the rear is between 25mm and 30mm. Out of this limit the rear shock is U/S

The front suspension has adjustments for preload, measure it also. Secure a tie-rap snugly on the stanchion tube flush with the fork seal. Have the rider sit on the bike again. Once the rider dismounts, top out the suspension by placing the FJ on its centre stand and weighting down the rear so raising the front wheel clear, measure the distance between the tie-rap and the fork seal. Again, it’s very important to make sure the fork is completely topped out to ensure an accurate measurement.
 When the rider is off and the fork is extended, the tie-rap indicates how much travel has been used just to support the rider’s weight. Front sag should be a little lighter than rear and should fall between 30 to 40mm. Out of this limit the rear shock is U/S

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