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Heavy Duty Tsubaki Chain and Sprocket kit

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Orig. Price: £175.00
Sale Price: £155.99
Availability: Chain and Sprocket kit
Prod. Code: CS-HD

The original chain for the FJ is the highest grade chain you can buy Super Heavy Duty . Tsubaki is Japanese made and is the OE equivalent and comes with a full warranty.    3.5kg
This is the one that the club recommend for the FJ, due to snapping of poor quality ones. These chains can last up to 30k if a Scottoiler is fitted.

The kits are supplied with sprockets manufactured from High Carbon Steel (GT), Rivet Link. Also full fitting instructions are provided.

Sprockets supplied in kits will be standard fittment; 17t front and rear according to model ie; FJ1100 41t; FJ1200 1TX 40t; FJ1200 88-95; 39t. If you want different sprockets then please order all parts separately

You may wish to purchase Gear Box Tab Washer, see under menu 'Engine Parts and Gaskets'   part No OE51.

 , see   , , , , Pxvvdfvdfvbgdgbdfgd1231231sdvxcv xc Pease be careful when buying C&S as unless they are officially imported i.e. by B&C Express, then you are getting a pattern, not the OE HD type produced in Japan.
Beware, all chains are not the same, if it’s cheap, it’s likely to be of poor quality and if it snaps or wears out quickly it could work out costly.

Gearing Sheet available from Mutimedia menu

To check chain place bike on stand. Adjust chain to 15-20mm in tight spot; Find slack spot, If movement is 40mm+ then the chain is U/S. You cant check by simply pulling off back of sprockets

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