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GT Seat;   4kg     

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The FJ seat has very little support so when accelerating or braking the pillion feels unsafe as they get thrown around.
The Grand Touring (GT) seat is the ultimate touring seat for comfort, it’s made in France to our one off design. It’s a heavily modified OE seat in a similar design as a Corbin seat by offering bucket shape seating with a stylish inlay pattern but without the Corbins hard dense foam and its heavy fibre glass base.
The GT seat is normally in stock and is only available in matt black.

NOTE; These seat are on an exchange basis. This means when you order the seat we supply one with an extra deposit of £40. When you return your OE seat the deposit is refunded in full (we allow up to 14 days for return otherwise a price for a replacement second hand seat of £80 may be charged).

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