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Braking System > Low Price Brake Disc front 84-87; Rear all
Low Price Brake Disc front 84-87; Rear all

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Orig. Price: £92.00
Sale Price: £79.00
Prod. Code: B-buddisc

Low Price Brake Disc (84-87)     weight 1.8kg

This solid brake disc is 4.5mm thick and is made of steel. Designed to replace the front brake discs for the early FJ1100 and 1TX FJ1200.

Also designed to fit the REAR brake of all the FJ models.

The advantage over the EBC iron disc (7.5mm) is it is slimmer and therfore lighter which would be a big advantage on the front. The disavantage its doesnt have the same perforamance.

NOTE; All new disc(s) must be fitted with new pads. So if you dont purchase them at the same time please keep a receipt of them as the manufacture 'get out' is asking you to prove you fitted NEW pads on fitment.

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