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Rear Brake Caliper Seal kit (all models) NEW PRICE

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Rear Brake Seal kit (2 pot) all models;  50g

Common problem with the FJ rear brake calipers is them seizing. The cause is down to corrosion behind the seals which makes the seals grip the brake piston so causing seizing.

The pistons should be easily pushed in with finger pressure, if you find this is not the case then the answer is to strip the caliper down. You must replace seals if the caliper is dismantled.

This is a set of 2 wiper seals and 2 pressure seals, this does one caliper.

Also note that the seal which is between the two halves of the caliper is not available, so be carefull not to lose or damage this seal.

TIP; When replacing seals use the brake pressure to push the pistons out as far as you can on all pistons before disconnecting fron the brake line. This will make it easier to blow the pistons out the last few mm's.

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