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Bodywork > Front Mudguard (front part) Fibre Glass
Front Mudguard (front part) Fibre Glass

The product you selected is currently unavailable.

Price: £59.99
Availability: available to order
Prod. Code: FG front mudguard

 Front Mudguard Firbre Glass  

The Club has arranged to get produced these Fibre Glass mudguards

These are exclusive to the FJ Owners Club

The OE ones crack on the lugs and  these, being fibre glass,  are much stronger to resist breakage.

At present there is a 28 day wait until full stock levels are in

So please order and  we will get out ASAP

N.B. Colours listed are not exact Yamaha matches. You will need to contact a motorcycle paint shop if you wish to have painted.

Please ensure you are a member of the FJ Owners Club before ordering.

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