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Electrical > Heated Grips with 4 Heat Settings (special Price)
Heated Grips with 4 Heat Settings (special Price)

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Heated Grips with 4 Heat settings 1 KG

I have been fed up with heated grips that either dont get hot enough/ the grips are too short / the connecting leads are about 8 miles long or the quality looks like they were made for a kids bycycle so, after trying and testing a variety of heated grips on the market, I have finally found a set of heated grips to fit the FJ that ticks all the boxes! 

'Forget what you see elsewhere these are the best heated grips on the market!'  Ernie

They have Japanese quality grip material and build quality, good size length like the Daytona grips the club sells (The grips are actually Daytona) and a four heat setting control that allows the rider 25%, 50%, 75%,and 100%  heat settings at a push of a button. They get warm, hot, damn hot, and fry! They also have a quick start function which means when you switch them on the setting light flashes and the grips reach the maximum temperature within 4 minutes.When you next use them they have a last setting memory so they retain the last setting you used unless you decide to change it.

They are made, and used as O/E equipment, by KTM but fit simply to the FJ.

The heat controller  has a large orange colour on/off button and 4 led lights that show the heat setting.I think it looks really neat and I have tested them and they work superbly.

Comes supplied with  fitting instructions. 

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