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C-Tek battery charger

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Yuasa/Ctek 6 Stage Smart Battery Charger 1.5kg

This is the perfect battery charger for the Yamaha FJRJ1200 for a couple of main reasons.

 1. Its a CTEK (Yuasa sell these with their brand name on)  2. This charger is actually sold (rebranded) by Yamaha so its recommended by Yamaha.

Its a 6 stage 12V smart charger and will charge any  lead acid type battery ( wet, MF,GEL, AGM Ca/Ca) between 1.2  and 32 Ah. It will not damage sensitive electronics and is spark proof with reverse polarity protection and is also short circuit proof.

Comes supplied with a permanent battery connection lead for quick connection and also a lead with crocodile clips.

simple to use 

Just connect the charger to the battery and then connect the charger to a wall socket and switch on.

Charger will then charge battery fully automatically in 6 stages.


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