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Tuning and Performance > 10 Row High Flow Oil Cooler Kit (Mounting Kits No Longer available)
10 Row High Flow Oil Cooler Kit (Mounting Kits No Longer available)

The product you selected is currently unavailable.

Price: £280.00
Prod. Code: tp-oc10

10 Row Oil cooler;   2kg

This High Flow 10 row cooler is 250% more efficient than the OE standard five row, so considerably reducing the engine oil temperature especially in the summer when the engine runs very hot.

The engine oil is used not only to lubricate the internal components but cool the engine, when this temperature increases the motor becomes very tappety with a pronounced increase in mechanical noise.

The cooler kit comes complete with all the parts needed to fit which includes stainless steel mounting brackets with double strength S/S bridge spacers and bolts, braided cooler pipes that connect directly to the standard sump end fitting. Plus fitting instructions.


REPLACEMENT OIL COOLER STILL AVAILABLE For  £149.00 If yours gets damaged.


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