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Replacement Carb Diaphragms Slides (four) No Longer Available

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Replacement Carb Diaphragms Slides (four)   300g

Carb Diaphragms commonly split or wear after aprox 30k. This leads to excessive vibration and poor fuel consumption.

These exchange diaphragm slides are produced by fitting new membranes onto the old slides. These membranes are twice as thick as the OE ones so are more resistant to wear  and thefore offering longer life than the OE items.

They are purchased on an exchange basis, but a deposit of £30 is required, this is refundable on return of your original diaphragms. If you decide to send in your old diaphragms,first, you save being charged any deposit and the turn-around is normally within a few days. Please remove needles etc and only supply the slide complete.

NO LONGER AVAILABLE Manufacturer Has Ceased Production.

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