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Fuel Stabiliser 150ml  MOTO POWER 2

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Fuel Stabilizer 150ml   150g

This chemical product stops the fuel breaking down when fuel is stored.

The big problem with modern unleaded fuel is If left in the carbs after 3 months the fuel breaks down and blocks the air jets. Not the fuel jets but air jets. These are very difficult to clean due to their very small size. Sometimes the carbs can not be recovered.

Another method is to drain the fuel from the carbs via the drain screw at the bottom of the float bowel before storing bike but sometime these screws can seize making this difficult to achieve.

Also if storing bike for any length of time remember to fill the fuel tank completely up to the brim. This will stop the moisture forming inside the tank and causing corrosion and eventually it leaking.


When added to a full fuel tank, Forté Moto Power ll will offer the following benefits:
Cleans the entire fuel system (the tank, fuel valve, carburettors and the whole injection system)
Removes carbon deposits on intake and exhaust valves, combustion chambers and the upper piston ring grooves
Dissolves tar, varnish and resin in the entire fuel system.
Improves combustion and engine performance
Improves throttle response
Provides upper cylinder lubrication and reduces friction in the fuel system (friction modifier)
Stabilises fuel that contains ethanol (up to E10 Ethanol)
Compatible for fuel injector and carburettor engines

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