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Broquet Fuel Stabiliser (NEW lower PRICE)

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The biggest problem is fuelling. In your Dads days the fuel was leaded, this meant that the fuel was stable over a long period but with the advent of modern ‘Green’ unleaded fuel the break down starts after only 6 weeks. What this means is those with the older FJ the carbs gum up and in some cases the carbs can be very difficult to recover. You only have to look in Ebay with the comments ‘Needs a carb clean’ what this means is the carbs have been stood with fuel and wont run.

The solution is to put a fuel stabiliser in before storage. The club sells Forte Moto Power 2 which, aside from its cleaning properties, will also stabilise your fuel.

The Broquet comes in a twin pellet format which simply pops into the tank. This remarkable product changes the fuel structure to that similar to ‘Leaded’ and makes the fuel stable. The advantage with this product is it is permanently in your tank so no worrying about when you need to fill with the liquid stabilisers. Also over a long period it  will help clean your combustion chamber and decreases fuel consumption plus it’s a ‘once only’ purchase product, the others you have to keep buying.

One final point you must keep your tank FULL. This stops condensation building up within the tank which then drops to the bottom of the tank and causes corrosion. 

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