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Engine Parts and Gaskets > OE3 Yamaha Piston Rings (per piston)
OE3 Yamaha Piston Rings (per piston)

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OE Yamaha Piston Rings;    200g

If you have an oil burning problem its normally either the vavle seals or the piston rings.

You should find the barrel are in perfect condition so you should only need to de-glaze the barrels and fit a new set of OE piston rings.

To check if its a ring problem. measure compression which should be around 130 psi on a cold engine (160psi on hot). Then run some oil inot the barrels via the sparkplug. if the compression rises considerble then you have a ring problem.


FJ1100 std  36y-11610-00

FJ1200 std 1tx-11610-00

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