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This Menu list Forks and its assembly plus Suspension units.

For rear shock Linkages bearings please go to 'Bearings'


No 1 Fork Leg Pattern complete with damping unit

Orig.: £178.00
Sale: £135.00

No 1 Fork Leg OE Yamaha now NO LONGER AVAILABLE


No 2 Fork Wiper Seal


No 3 Fork Seal Retaining Clip

Orig.: £2.75
Sale: £1.85

No 4 Fork Seal Lower Washer

Orig.: £6.99
Sale: £5.47

No 5 Fork Seal Yamaha OE

Orig.: £11.99
Sale: £9.49

No 6 Top Fork Bush


No 7 Lower Fork Bush


No 8 Fork Retaining Bolt Sealing Washer

Orig.: £2.89
Sale: £2.17

Hagon Progressive Fork Springs

Orig.: £92.00
Sale: £83.99

YSS Monoshock (Fits all models)

Orig.: £322.00
Sale: £299.00

Hagon Rear Shock

Orig.: £299.50
Sale: £282.00

Nitron Shock

Orig.: £438.00
Sale: £429.00

Fork Protectors


Fork Gaitors (pair)


Fork Protectors (tie on)

Orig.: £14.00
Sale: £8.00

Fork Cap (Plastic) for 84-90 models


YSS PD Fork Valves (per set. Fits all models)


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